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TRAMES –  smart TouRism Across the MEditerranean Sea – Call COS-TOURSYN-2018-3-01 Grant Agreement n. 832070

Client: EASME – Executive Agency for SMEs

Country: Italy, Spain (Melilla), Greece, Malta, Cyprus, UK

Period: 2019 – 2021

TRAMES is based on the Phoenicians’ Routes, Route recognized since 2003 in the Council of Europe Programme « Cultural Route » and since 2016 thematic route of interest of the UN World Tourism Organization. It promotes the cultural and archaeological heritage of Mediterranean civilizations following the ancient nautical and maritime routes and offers considerable potential for promotion, visibility and development of related tourism products.

Timesis activities:

  • Project general coordination;
  • development of cultural and creative tourism products;
  • participating in territorial analysis for the creation of Smart Ways in Tuscany;
  • design of the project visual identity;
  • implementation of the project web site;
  • organization of an Intercultural Dialogue Forum in Tuscany.