Soils and viticolture

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Soils and viticolture
Soil study at local level and farm level aimed at supporting viticulture.

Soil study at local level (viticultural zoning)

  • soils survey and study,
  • soil mapping and creation of soils databases,
  • production of thematic maps (land use, land systems, etc.).

Clienti: ESAV (TV), C.R.A. Istituto Sperimentale per la Viticoltura (AR), SOP (AR). Country: Italy

Soils study at farm level:

  • identification of the characteristics and quality of the soils in order to guide the main crops choices,
  • detailed soil maps for specific interventions in farming practices.

Clienti: Folonari Donna Olimpia (LI), Azienda Petreto (FI). Country: Italy