Soil survey service, common area of Trexenta – Sardinia

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Soil survey service, common area of Trexenta – Sardinia

Client: AGRIS – Regional Agency for Agricultural Research
Country: Italy
Period: March 2023 – In progress

Overall objective :

The service consists in the pedological survey of the union area of the municipalities of Trexenta and the drafting of the relative map of land units and land use capacity at a scale of 1:50,000. This activity falls within the scope of the Project “Preliminary actions aimed at the drafting of the basic cartographic drawings for the acquisition of the pedological data useful for the definition of the capacity of use through the use of the telematic negotiation platform made available by the Regional Commission of the Sardinia Region of Soils.

Service provided:

  • Study of previous pedological knowledge and preliminary investigations for the logistical organisation of the survey based on the material provided;
  • Soil survey, soil sampling, performance of laboratory analyses and data entry in the Sardinian Soil Database (hereinafter referred to as DBSS);
  • Interpretation and processing of field and laboratory data, classification of soils and drafting of the Map of Soil Units and Capacity of Use complete with legend;
  • Drafting of the final report with attached prosaic sheets and preparation of delivery materials.

Activities performed:

  • Coordination of activities and logistical organisation;
  • Pedological survey (90 profiles, 330 boreholes, 133 minipits);
  • Soil sampling and soil analysis activities
  • Data input into the Sardinian Soil Database, field and laboratory data interpretation;
  • Classification, drafting of Land Units and Capacity for Use Map;
  • Drafting final report

Deliverables/Final products:

  • Final Report
  • Photographic archive
  • Boards used in the field for soil description (profiles, boreholes and minipits) and for computerising data in the DBSS (hardcopy field originals)
  • Information layer (point shapefile) of the location of the survey points divided into profiles, boreholes and minipits containing the observation identifier and coordinates expressed in SR WGS 1984 UTM Zone 32N
  • Information layer (polygonal shapefile) of the Map of Land Units at scale 1:50,000, topologically correct, complete with all the information provided in the legend sections
  • Legend of the Map of Land Units and Capacity of Use (in xls format)
  • Information layer (polygonal shapefile) of the Capacity of Use Map at scale 1:50,000, topologically corrected, containing the information of the third section of the Legend


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