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QUEST promoting QUality intErnships in Sustainable Tourism and cultural heritage management is a KA220 – Cooperation Partnerships in Higher Education project co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program.

The QUEST project aims to facilitate the employment and job placement of students in the tourism sector, one of the most innovation-driven sectors most affected by the Covid-19 emergency.

To this end, the QUEST partnership will address the problem of students’ job placement by analyzing skills gaps, developing a flexible distance learning program supported by innovative tools developed during the project, through 5 mixed student mobility experiences (for a total of 30 students) and specific training for business mentors who will host students in internships. Through multidisciplinary work, QUEST will develop and implement new policies and cooperation between different universities and companies in order to increase the success of the designed methodology for the benefit of students entering the world of work.

The project will develop 4 innovative outputs:
1. a flexible learning program to strengthen the skills of students facing the job market in the tourism industry;
2. a one-stop platform and e-learning app for university students, trainers from higher education institutions and corporate tutors;
3. cooperation methodologies by preparing guidelines for cooperation between universities and tourism organizations in the Mediterranean area, supported by a Council of Europe Cultural Route;
4. a handbook: a comprehensive publication summarizing the QUEST methodology, learning program, activities and results.

The partnership consists of:

  1. Libertas International University (Croatia) – project leader
  2. The Phoenicians’ Route with headquarters in Italy;
  3. Solin Tourist Board, Croatia;
  4. Timesis Srl, Italy;
  5. University of Malaga, Spain;
  6. Arte&Cia Gestión Cultural y Ocio, Spain;
  7. University of Nicosia, Cyprus;
  8. Larnaka Tourism Board., Cyprus.

Total project duration: 36 months (2021-2024)

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