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Prosit: Digital platform for sustainable management and improvement of viticultural terroir

Client: Tuscany administration
Countries: Italy
Years: 2019 – 2022
Team Leader: Timesis
Partners: CREA AA di Firenze, CREA VT di Arezzo, Copernico Srl, Chiantiform, Associazione Viticoltori
Montefioralle, Azienda Agricola Montefioralle, Petra Società Agricola.

Project objectives:
The project aims at developing an online digital platform including cartographic information layers on soil, and conceptual models helping wine growers properly manage soil in their vineyards. After a preliminary collection of territorial information layers already developed in Tuscany region, the project intervenes in two pilot areas, Montefioralle in Chianti Classico and Val di Cornia in Maremma, sharing similar needs and opportunities. Land zonings and terroir identification are still limited, both in Val di Cornia but also in Chianti Classico, with no defined land zoning at wine growers’ consortium level. Wine producers show a strong interest in developing specific competences and engaging in local network actions on this theme.

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