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MIPAAF – Technical service

Client: Comunità del Bosco del Monte Pisano APS
Country: Italy
Period: July 2022 – February 2024

Overall objective :

Regenerate the multifunctionality of forests and promote the sustainable use of forest resources on Monte Pisano (Tuscany)

Specific objectives:

  • Counteract the splitting of properties;
  • Regenerate the multifunctionality of the forest;
  • Enhance local productive vocations;
  • Strengthen the role of the Forest Community.

The concrete product of the project will be the multi-year active and responsible management plan of the Monte Pisano area.

Service provided:

Analysis, technical surveys, mapping and elaboration of a multi-year management plan of associated public-private surfaces within the project awarded by the client “Multifunctionality of the forest and sustainable use of renewable resources in rural areas” as per the decree of granting of the grant issued by the General Directorate of the Mountain Economy and Forests on 14.02.2022

Activities performed:

  • Analysis and study: study, investigation, recognition and detailed census of the public and private assets of the adherents to this project proposal; survey and census of sector plans, environmental and landscape constraints and territorial planning, for the purpose of defining the project knowledge framework; census of tangible and intangible resources, economic activities, programs in progress, startup projects, innovative companies and other resources defined as useful for the development of production chains; co-planning meetings with the owners and with the representatives of the other project working groups;
  • Technical and mapping surveys: Environmental surveys of the area (vegetation and fauna), to be carried out on representative sample areas for the purpose of implementing the Plan highlighted by the project and in compliance with regional and municipal plans; Preparation of the documents of the cognitive framework; Preparation of project documents, including the mapping of the results of the production chains and of the tangible and intangible resources that emerged during the project and in the participatory process;
  • Recognition of Ecosystem Services: quantification of the value of active and responsible forest management interventions, and definition of the tangible and intangible ecosystem services deriving from them; raising awareness of stakeholders and networking with potential payers of forest ecosystem services;
  • Final draft: drafting of the multi-year plan and the illustrative technical report according to the indications of the MIPAAF, regional and national regulations, including the technical documents to support the environmental assessment and landscape authorization process.

Deliverables/Final products:

Expected products / results

Presentation of the multi-year plan to the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies by and no later than the project end date 13/02/2024;
Formal approval by the competent bodies pursuant to L.R. 39/2000, including superordinate bodies (SABAP Provinces of Pisa, Livorno, Lucca and Massa-Carrara, Tuscany Region, Nature and Sea Protection Sector).

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