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MIPAAF – Administrative management and reporting

Client: Comunità del Bosco del Monte Pisano APS
Country: Italy

Period: July 2022 to February 2024

Project objectives:

Regenerate the multifunctionality of forests and promote the sustainable use of forest resources on Monte Pisano (Tuscany)

Specific objectives:

  • Counteract the splitting of properties;
  • Regenerate the multifunctionality of the forest;
  • Enhance local productive vocations;
  • Strengthen the role of the Forest Community.

The concrete product of the project will be the multi-year active and responsible management plan of the Monte Pisano area.

Service provided:

Administrative management and reporting within the project awarded by the client “Multifunctionality of the forest and sustainable use of renewable resources in rural areas” referred to in the decree granting the grant issued by the Directorate General of the Mountain Economy and Forests on 02/14/2022

Activities performed:

  1. Co-management of the project budget, forecast and co-management of financial flows;
  2. Support for the preparation and verification of the adequacy of the procedures for assigning services to individuals or third parties;
  3. Management and verification of the adequacy of the supporting documentation of the expenses relating to the project;
  4. Constant monitoring of the progress of the project according to the indicators shared with the Technical Coordination (Gantt, milestones, products) and comparison with the Technical Coordination;
  5. Elaboration of intermediate progress reports and expense reporting;
  6. Preparation of the final report;
  7. Management of communication with the funding body regarding all administrative management, reporting and reporting issues relating to the project.

Final products:

Expected products/outcomes

  • Expected products / results:
  • Preparation of the documentation and procedures for the start of the project: sharing with the Client of guidelines for financial management, for the procedures for awarding services and reporting of expenses;
  • Preparation of the documentation and procedures for project monitoring: sharing with the Technical Coordination of progress indicators (Gantt, list of milestones, list of products);
  • Elaboration and sending of 2 intermediate progress reports, including reporting of expenses incurred;
  • Preparation and submission of the final report, including reporting of expenses incurred.
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