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KENYA Kimwarer
Kimwarer Basin Multipurpose Project (climate, hydrology, geomorphology, and soil characterisation of the project area)

Client: HydroNova srl, for MWH Stantec

Countries: Italy, Kenya

Year: 2017

Implementation of the baseline surveys for the hydrological and geomorphological characterisation of the basin interested by the construction of the hydropower dam along the Kimwarer Valley (Kerio Basin – Kenya)

TIMESIS carried out a technical mission in Kenya for the:

  • geomorphological field survey for the identification of the main geological and geomorphological features of the project area;
  • soil survey for the identification of the main soil types of the area. About 50 soil augers and 10 soil profiles have been conducted in the project area;
  • infiltration field test with the implementation of 10 double ring infiltrometer tests;
  • collection of the water samples for the river sediment model characterisation;
  • soil erosion assessment by using RUSLE model.

Main deliverables :

  • Geomorphological Report
  • Pedological Report
  • Soil Infiltration Report
  • Suspended Load and Bed Load Sediment Report
  • Soil Erosion Report