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ITINERA ROMANICA+ Cross-border Governance of Romanesque Itineraries

Countries: Italy, France.
Period: 2019 – 2022

Project objectives:

ITINERA ROMANICA+ is a cross-border project promoting the Romanesque cultural heritage shared by the five regions of the IT-FR cooperation area (Tuscany, Liguria, Sardinia, Corse and PACA). The project aims at improving the effectiveness of public actions in preserving and promoting the rural Romanesque heritage of the cooperation area, through the setup of accessible paths – linking Romanesque heritage sites (Romanesque Itineraries) – and their safeguard as well as their promotion and valorisation.

Provided services:

  • Support to general coordination;
  • Internal monitoring;
  • Support to project communication: contents and graphics;
  • Development of Itineraries;
  • Participation to the Technical Committee for the identification of sites and itineraries;
  • Coordination of technical interventions for the Pisa province area;
  • Development of the “Itinera Romanica+” applicaton;
  • Support to involvement of local stakeholders in event and workshop organization in the Pisa province area.

Project website: Itinera Romanica

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