Gaza Irrigation

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Gaza Irrigation
Client: PWA – Palestinian Water Authority,Gaza City, Palestine
Origin of funding: World Bank, Agence Française de Développement (AFD)

North Gaza Emergency Sewage Treatment Project (P074595) – Reuse Component
Consulting Service For Complementary Feasibility Study for Irrigation Scheme
Country: Italy, Gaza Strip – Palestine
Name of partners: ALMADINA Consultants (leading company), TIMESIS S.r.l. (Associated company)

Dates: December 2016 – 2018

The overall objective of this study was to establish complementary feasibility study for recovery reuse and irrigation scheme to address the technical aspects, socio-economical aspects and institutional framework for the wastewater reuse of NGEST project at the northern part of Gaza Strip.
Timesis provided technical assistance and was in charge of the:
a) Technical assessment of the irrigation design;
b) Implementation of the methodological approach for the baseline survey on water use;
c) Implementation of the cropping pattern and of the irrigation design;
d) Micro and Macro -economic assessment of the local contest in order to define the crop Value Chain;
e) Assessment of the institutional and regulatory framework in order to set up a development model for future water use;
f) Assessment of the feasibility study for the water reuse project;
g) Implementation of the new irrigation scheme at local level.