External final evaluation of the project “Strengthening national capacity in Nature Protection – Preparation for Natura 2000 Network” in Albania

Cliente: AICS – Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Tirana’s Office

Countries: Italy, Albania

Year: 2019

Main activities:

  • Evaluation of the development and implementation of a capacity building program for Protected Area Managers.
  • Technical Evaluation of the Management Plans implemented by the project for the Protected areas involved in the Natura 2000 Albania Project.
  • Technical evaluation and review of the list of the Natura 2000 sites that the Albania Government must submit to the European Commission.
  • Evaluation of the communication actions implemented under the Natura 2000 Albania Project in order to increase the “Acquis Communautaire”.
  • Evaluation of the training activities carried out under the Natura 2000 project.

The evaluation process was implemented by using the Results Based Approach which includes the analysis of various information sources and data extracted from the project documentation, monitoring reports, interviews with the govern counterparts, with project staff, with direct beneficiaries.