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AEVF RurAllure – Administrative management and reporting

Client: AEVF – Associazione Europea Vie Francigene
Country: Italy
Period: September 2022 – December 2023

Project objectives:

To increase the economic impact of European pilgrimage routes in rural territories.

Specific objectives:

  • To establish a network of institutions to work on the promotion of cultural venues and heritage sites from the rural environments of Europe, in the vicinity of pilgrimage routes.
  • To develop studies from historical, cultural, sociological and economic perspectives, to understand and exploit the opportunities linked to the promotion of rural heritage as an added value to enrich the pilgrimage experiences.
  • To analyse the role that urban cultural and touristic institutions can play in the network, deriving visitors to the nearby rural environment.
  • To assess the strategies and recommendations derived from the aforementioned studies in four pilots, conducted in regions of Europe traversed by different transnational pilgrimage routes, and focusing on different facets of Cultural Heritage relevant to regional development.
  • To create a comprehensive geolocative open database and an interactive map of European rural venues and heritage sites, in different levels of proximity to the main pilgrimage paths, and a directory of relevant stakeholders active in the promotion of culture and tourism: public authorities, tourism stakeholders, cultural and creative sectors, etc.
  • To exchange best practices and lessons learnt in the pilots all over Europe, by publishing reports on strategies and results, and by organising events to inform regional, national and international policymakers.
  • To define an agenda with key research and innovation challenges for the decade.
  • To develop mobile apps to offer functionalities to the pilgrims.
  • To assemble and deploy a content management system as a backend for the mobile apps, offering features to innovate around the new possibilities created by digital media.

Service provided:

Support for the administrative management of the project and expense reporting.


Advice and support on document management methods and expense reporting, support for sending the intermediate expense report (January 2023) and final project report (December 2023).

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